28tomake Recap


After completing the entire regimen of 28toMake projects offered at creativelive, I thought I would recap some of the experiences, lessons and creative insights received while participating.

First, of course, would be creating the habit of creating. Getting into the frame of mind of creativity is a struggle against daily hassles, and finding a way to fit it in every day is a challenge; some tasks, such as, for me, art projects for school and other school homework, have elements of creativity about them, but they are guided in such a way that it is not geared to finding one’s own voice. This series of projects lent itself perfectly for this task; I found myself using mediums and supports that I would not have thought of on my own, and yet enjoyed immensely.


Undoubtedly my favorite project of the set was the tangram arrangement exercise. It allowed for physical manipulation of an abstract shape into a larger representation, one of the foundations of composition, which I am currently both interested in and studying.

After discovering that I could fit it in, even on busy days, the sheer act of creation also formed a supplement to my daily meditations as a mental palliative, and during the days I found myself looking forward to the projects and planning them in the times where otherwise I might have been worrying about something impossible to change or playing a mentally void game on my phone. That one thing, 20 minutes, sometimes more, a day, added so much value to the rest of the day, that it is something that I am very eager to continue.

In addition to the mental health benefits, I also now have a significant body of work; 27 pieces, in fact, of varying quality, that I can show off or keep hidden as I wish. That I have this choice over such a range of projects is amazing to me; this has been the most creatively productive month I have seen in a long time, not only for myself but being involved in the community of other creators, and this is on top of going to school full time and dealing with life issues.

This was, unequivocally, an excellent experience, and I would recommend it to anyone, even someone who thinks they are not an artist. You will, as I did, most definitely suprise yourself.

Check out Instagram hashtag #28tomake to see what people have been creating!


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