Keys to Drawing Book – First Exercises

Drawing is an undoubtedly important skill in painting, and leads to both greater observational skills and appreciation for line and tone. Thus,  I have been reading a book with exercises to help me develop and improve this vital skill.
The first exercise involved drawing my shoes without looking at what I’m drawing, or minimizing it,  anyway, in a single tone drawing medium. I used a Prismacolor black fine line marker. The second exercise was similar,  but it was drawing one’s hand in forward perspective, a very uncommon viewpoint, and challenging; it was difficult for me to continue looking at the shapes rather than try to draw a hand. Overall,  for early exercises, I quite enjoyed them. Getting into the creative mindset, that sort of haze where one doesn’t sense time and detail is so interesting, is always good practice, and I always forget how mentally taxing it is. It is definitely a skill, and a skill that I need to grow. Here are the results from the two exercises:


Keys to Drawing 1 & 2

There is a critique sheet at the end of each chapter to do a self assessment of how one has done; once all the exercises for the chapter are finished, I’ll post my self-assessment as well.


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