Outta This World Theme – Friday!

For today’s theme drawing, I was volunteering at the Rogue Gallery and Art Center, so I used a  somewhat clean medium(Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils)  to draw a rendition of a spaceship used in the poster for the landmark German expressionist sci-fi film, Frau im Mond, by the legendary director Fritz Lang.


Childhood Memories

The original poster, when I saw it, brought out some of the childlike innocent optimism that there was so much to discover and experience in the universe, and even though that is still true, experiencing it with our senses is becoming an ever distant naivety, crushed at every turn by the reality of the harshness of anywhere but our little blue planet. Even though we seem doomed to experience other planets only in proxy, our imagination still takes us to habitable planets in our lifetime, bringing into lovely detail impossible vistas and incredible travels. It is something about our creativity, that ability we express in so many ways, to take us places that may not even exist, that I both enjoy and appreciate. Not only does it feed our adventurous spirit, but it speaks volumes about our spirit as a people, for good and bad.


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