Painting I First Project

I recently began my Painting I class at the local community college, and we have finished our first project, a monochrome still life:

Still Life

Still Life

We were not allowed to work on this project at home with a photography, so it was completed in three two hour sessions over the course of a few weeks. All students picked different colors and were allowed to create their own composition. It is painted entirely in Titanium White, Mars Black and Pyrrole Orange acrylic, so essentially it contains only three pigments as all three are single-pigment paints from Golden Acrylics. We were not allowed to use any medium save water. We were also allowed to experiment with brushes; the brushes I used were a #10, 8, 6, and 4 flat, a small house painting brush, and a small rigger for details. The graded criteria were:

  • Accurately portray highlight and shadow tonally
  • Effective composition
  • Differentiate between textures

This painting was somewhat successful in that the metal can is undeniably shiny, but the difference between the driftwood and artificial flowers is not as distinct as I would have preferred. Also, I had to switch positions during the still life, so some of the proportions are constructed, and not very well at that. I have not yet received a grade for this project.


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