In progress Surrealist Attempt

The third project in my painting class is a surrealist painting… it’s been interesting, because we had to pick an artist to study, and I picked relatively opaque artist Leonora Carrington, whose artwork has a very dreamlike quality. She was the companion of Max Ernst for a while, but, after he was captured by the Nazis, she became dangerously depressed while nearly alone in France, eventually being committed to and eventually escaping from an asylum where she was experimented on in the typically grotesque fashion of early 20th century psychology. She travelled to Mexico, and lived there producing paintings, drawing and sculpture all the way until her death in 2011. She was the last of the living Surrealist painters, and was sadly neglected in most literature surrounding the movement.

The painting I am working on trying to emulate her style:

Conflict of the Senate

Acrylic on canvas, 2016, work in progress

So much more work to do, but we only have one more session to complete the painting, so I’m deciding on what details to embellish or add.

I’ll post the finished image after it is varnished and framed.

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia article on Leonora Carrington; she is worth a look!


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