Create. Be original. Labor. Work. Make new things. Engineer your future. Discipline. Time and again. The lonely path. Excel in isolation, then make your statement known. Conform. Then, in the security of your current success, express your reality. No. No. I find my path now. I find my expression now. I won’t wait for some temporal approval. Fight. Now. Break. Shatter. Kill their thoughts. Make them stop. Make them think. No. Make them believe! Break them apart. Then bring them together…wait. Sad… No bringing can work. Breaking is what we do. Break. Break… Until, the pieces are so small and so similar… So homely. Break and glue. Hot glue? Yes, of course! Hot glue the pieces we’ve broken to form a new society, something flexible and somewhat… Er… Transparent…. No. It won’t work. Sadly. Artists. Come on. Look seriously. So, the new… The real new. Umm… Doesn’t exist. Sorry. No one to hold the torch or fan the flame. The real new is… Drumroll please… You! 


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