Miniature Landscape – Fall In Spring

A Saturday Afternoon
I decided to paint on a Saturday afternoon, springtime, but the scene that came to mind was a fall one. I’m not entirely sure why this was, but maybe I’m just interested in seeing the changes from a summer of what is going to be hard work change to when times might be more stable.
The work is on a Art Advantage canvas wrapped board that I primed over the initial white gesso with my titular favorite color, titanium buff, which I team allowed to dry and over painted with a combination of cadmium red, burnt umber and cadmium yellow medium. My mixing colors were bone black and titanium buff, and I noticed that the inherently warm tones worked well to create an almost effortless tone that titanium white makes harder to achieve.
I varnish in Gamvar for a light gloss shine. I’m planning on framing this one and giving it as a gift.




Shadowy Times


After a  bit of a hiatus due to life events and school, I have finally made some time to post of few of my recent works. This one is after a photo book of New Mexico, and I enjoy the contrast of light and dark from the sky and snow. I consider it moderately successful, but the perspective is skewed from the photograph and the trees could user some detail work.

Forest of Shadows

Forest of Shadows

It was done with acrylics on canvas board in about an hour… I may spend some time touching it up later on, as well as varnishing it.