Keys to Drawing Book – First Exercises

Drawing is an undoubtedly important skill in painting, and leads to both greater observational skills and appreciation for line and tone. Thus,  I have been reading a book with exercises to help me develop and improve this vital skill.
The first exercise involved drawing my shoes without looking at what I’m drawing, or minimizing it,  anyway, in a single tone drawing medium. I used a Prismacolor black fine line marker. The second exercise was similar,  but it was drawing one’s hand in forward perspective, a very uncommon viewpoint, and challenging; it was difficult for me to continue looking at the shapes rather than try to draw a hand. Overall,  for early exercises, I quite enjoyed them. Getting into the creative mindset, that sort of haze where one doesn’t sense time and detail is so interesting, is always good practice, and I always forget how mentally taxing it is. It is definitely a skill, and a skill that I need to grow. Here are the results from the two exercises:

Keys to Drawing 1 & 2

There is a critique sheet at the end of each chapter to do a self assessment of how one has done; once all the exercises for the chapter are finished, I’ll post my self-assessment as well.


Outta this world – Weekly Theme!

Rex Green Blue

This week’s weekly theme was ‘outtathisworld’ and it’s been fun so far! This was my longest effort so far, and the first time I’ve used Gamvar on an acrylic painting. I enjoyed the red moon best, and it shows in the detail I added… The large green planet definitely needs some work.

Weekly Theme – Fifth Day of Canines

Discipline is a skill,  and I have learned that lesson time an again. Finals this semester reinforced my focus on it by really concentrating my attention on what I need to have done,  rather than what I necessarily want to do, although what I need to do and what I want to do are extremely close,  by design,  these days.  So,  finals kind of got in the way of my weekly sketch challenge and I ended up skipping two days,  and the second day’s effort was very pitiful.  But,  I have taken up the challenge again,  and attempted to paint something that I enjoy: an emotional dog.

Grumpy Pup

I’m sadly out of date on my posts, mostly because I’ve been moving!

Weekly Theme Week 3 – Canines!

Welcome to a (late) blog post for the announcement of the third weekly sketch theme, canines.

Canine Theme Announcement

For the first image, I tried drawing some dog fur for the first time! It was… Challenging, and I am looking forward to increasing my skills in the animal drawing/painting area. Join in you feel like this theme speaks to you, in any medium you desire, and remember to share on Instagram with the hashtag #weeklysketch!

Under the Sea Theme – Days Three and Four

Well… I skipped a day. It’s finals week(s) here and I haven’t had much time for anything but studying, but I took time out to start a proper series on this really neat theme. Here are my second and third efforts:

Silence I
Silence I
Abandoned Ship I
Abandoned Ship I

I really enjoyed creating both of these pieces. The bottom base sand color was a surprising two-color mix of Pyrrhole orange and titanium white, which turned into a lovely coral color. I intend to continue on in this series until next week’s theme.


The Cold Dive – Under the Sea Theme Day One

The Cold Dive

For the first day of the undersea theme I decided to do a marker drawing of a penguin to combine the ‘under the sea’ theme with the drawing challenge from creativebug, which was to draw a bird. Obviously the marker drawing, after I had sketched it out, turned into a pastel painting. My Sennelier pastels were sitting on my shelf somewhat disused and forlorn because I have been working more with acrylics and colored pencil as of late, so I decided to give them some love and brave the dust. I think it is somewhat successful, but I might desaturate and roughen the ice boulder in the center of the painting; it distracts from the main focus, the penguin. The reference photo I used was much darker and had very little contrast, so the colors are somewhat fanciful.

Weekly Sketch Day 7

Wondercity Goes to Sleep

Ah, the last day of this week’s theme, ‘City of Wonder’. It’s been a good theme, but it’s time for a new one… I really ‘wonder’ what it’s going to be! This little painting is on a tiny canvas, and you can barely see the little elephant looking on as her city goes to sleep. I have since covered it in iridescent paint, but that doesn’t photograph well. If you wish to purchase this painting(lol) it’s on sale for $15.00 unframed plus shipping to wherever you’re at. On to the next theme!

Weekly Sketch Day 6


Little sketch of the Craterian theater in Medford done in Prismacolor French grays on Golden  pumice medium-coated Crescent RENDR paper. It was fun to have a little more tooth on the paper, but it ate up the pencils fast for too little effect. Think I’ll keep my pumice for pastel works.