Color Theory Project 2

Project: Monochrome Painting

Criteria: Clean border, single color with black and white, highlight and shadow, gouache with water on cold press illustration board.

Color Theory Project 2

Color Theory Project 2

Based on Christian Coigny’s photo titled ‘Modesty’

After several painting projects in the few art classes I’ve taken, collectively about eight or nine paintings, I really wanted to pick a simple, clean human form. We were directed to use a single color, along with black and white, and after I had picked my picture, I decided on a warm yellow ochre. We were painting on Crescent illustration board, and after I had painted on it, I realized that the stock provided at both the local art store and the school bookstore was of the ‘university quality’, which, according to Crescent, is not recommended for the majority of wet media. Unsurprisingly, the board warped under the initial washes for the background, as I was still experimenting with gouache’s capability for color spreading. I had too little time to begin again, however, and it doesn’t detract from the work too much.

This was my first human figure painting in any medium, although I was concurrently working on a impressionism style landscape with a figure, and I found the proportions difficult to acheive at first, even after sketching it out with a grid. However, after some prompting from my professor, it seemed to come together. The hair was the last part I painted; I didn’t want it to stand out, so I under emphasized the highlights that were present in the photo. I consider this painting a moderate success, at least by the criteria set forth for the project.